Sunday, June 27, 2010

Give us your feedback (Beta 1.0)

We need your feedback to improve KavidiKali, so could you please spend a few minutes to post your feedback as comments below this post.

Thanks in advance :)


  1. Hi Dhanan,
    Really u done a good job..for me i used to play this game with my cousins in ma childhood. Thanks a lot... U gave me a chance to remember allthose funny events..
    And also u prove again u r such a good background to do all.. not even programming..
    God is with u dear..thats y u can do all ur wishes makes true...
    So i can expect from u..surely u vl give us pleasure and treasure...
    proud of u dear...

  2. Good job. Best of luck for its 'Stable' version.

  3. Daaai....Dhanan.......First of all Congratulations....

    thani naadan....

    My first Suggestion is

    highlighting peices on the switching over the player may give a good feel... and then select one among the highlighted...

    I will send definitely to my friends...

  4. Dhanan,

    I loved the make part, Interesting !!! Keep doing

  5. Excellent!!
    Felt very Nostalgic..

    I have one suggestion.. While playing the game mostly in 1x1, when all the pieces one player gets inside the second row and the opponent do not get a cut by then, the Game is over.

    I guess this would help you to some extend. :)

  6. Exceptional work Dhanan. What i should congratulate you is on your passion and persistence during all these years facing so much resistance. Needed to learn new software, create all the art and get the audio..Exceptional.
    Most people have ideas, some have talent too..but its a rare combination to have talent, ideas and then the vision and courage to make it happen.
    Well done indeed, good luck ahead on your ventures.
    As per the game goes, professionally there can be lot of improvements, but that applies when we have multiple people works on the different aspects like art, sound, coding design etc. In your case no such comment is valid as its done by a multitalented guy. Wonderful.

  7. Nice Work, Dhanan. I enjoyed playing it, though I am new to this game :-)


  8. Hi Dhanan,

    Nicely done sir! I'm new to this game, but I played though to the end, and it was interesting. Kind of like an Indian version of backgammon.

    In the game that I played, all of my pieces were in the inner square, and my opponent never cut me. In that situation, it seems that the game is already won, since he can't cut me from outside. Is this the way the game is played, or a bug?

    My only suggestion might be speeding up (or shortening) the roll animation after the first one, so the game goes a little faster.

    Again, very nice work. I'm looking forward to version 1.1. :-)

  9. Thank you very much for all the feedback, it is very helpful for the next version.

    @Hari , @Mr. INTJ

    The situation in a 1x1 game when a player (let me call him player 1) has taken all his pieces to the inner circle; and the opponent has not cut any piece yet, is a case where player 1 is a sure winner.

    This happens in real life game too.

    Though we already know the winner, I decided to let the game go on until all pieces of player 1 reaches the centre cell to keep the rules of the game simple: i.e. "The first player to take all his pieces to the centre cell wins"

    Please do keep the feedbacks flowing in :)


  10. Good game. Its better to rename it to Kavadikali instead of Kavidi. Thanks

  11. @ Vssun,

    Thank you for the feedback :)

    I did consider this option, but it could be mistaken for the temple festival "Kaavadi Kali" so I decided to name it "Kavidi Kali".