Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Easier KavidiKali - Beta 1.1 Launched.

Hi Friends,

Thank you very much for your support for KavidiKali Beta 1.0.
We really appreciate all the valuable feedback received from you.

We had a tough time prioritizing them, and have included the most important ones in KavidiKali Beta 1.1 being released today.

Major features.

1. Easier to play with new difficulty level settings - Easy, Medium and Hard.
2. Tutorial to guide newbies.
3. Score display - see your standing in the game as it progresses.
4. Two new boards to choose from (Red Floor & Sand and Tile)

What else? U will know when U see it :)

So could you please have a look at and let us know thoughts on New KavidiKali Beta 1.1?



  1. We are eagerly looking forward to hear from you, could you please spare a few minutes to share your thoughts on New KavidiKali Beta 1.1 as replies to this comment?

    Thank you very much.

  2. This effort is commendable and a big 'wow'

  3. Can this be played with our online friends ?

  4. the odds of getting a 8 or 4 is set too high ... is it just me????

  5. @titto: We are exploring the feasibility of a multiplayer FaceBook version, though there is no set target date yet.

    @ Admiral Fagin: By default we play "Easy" mode, go to "Customize" from the first screen, choose "Hard" Difficulty Level, then you will exprience the same real life Kavidi Kali; beware you need a lot of patience to finish "Hard" game :)

    Thank you, please do keep the feedbacks flowing in, this is where we learn what to do next :)

  6. I was about to put the same comment as Admiral Fagin did, Great improvements Dhanan.. Hats off..!!!